Why choose Bay Area Star Dive?

  • Actively offering diving instruction since 1987.
  • Dive instruction for many levels which include high school, beginner lessons and team.
  • Many of the instructors are certified to judge and coach in UIL, AAU and USA diving events.
  • Parent communication via website, email, text and Facebook.
  • Multiple course offerings to meet family budgets and student interests.
  • Facilities in several areas which include League City and Pearland.
  • A partnership with Omni athletics and other local gyms to offer students access to train with multiple gymnastic and trampoline coaches.
  • A developing relationship with other local dive programs to offer local clinics, meets and access to tower diving and overhead pool belt work.
  • Enrichment activities like holiday socials and traveling camps.
  • Instructors that care.


Where are dive lessons offered?
We have lessons at our Pearland location. Our next opening in August 13. There is no yearly commitment. Cost is $14 for an annual AAU membership and $100 for two lessons per week.

My child wants to dive in high school. What do they have to do?
High school divers compete with their school’s swim team and perform either a 6 dive or 11 dive lists from all five directions. High school diving is only done from 1 meter.

Does my child have to compete if they do lessons?
We offer a bronze group that has no competition requirement. If the student shows progress, other groups are available.

My child loves diving and wants to join a team. What is involved?
Team is a 10 or 11-month commitment where you practice at least twice per week in the pool and one time per week in the gym. A team handbook shares more information of meets, uniforms and code of conduct requirements.