Team White

The Team White program offers an athlete the opportunity to attend at least three one half hour practices per week in the pool and should attend at least one 1 hour gymnastics/ trampoline class of your preference. You commit to 9 months starting in September and end in May. You are required to attend our meet in October, The Jingle Bell meet in December, the Laura Wilkinson meet in April and one of two meets in the summer.

Age: 6-18 years old
School Year Summer
Pool Workout Requirements 3 times per week for 1.5 hours in the pool (M, Th. and Friday) Monday – Thursday 3 of 4, 2 weeks’ sessions *
Gymnastic or other requirement In the Fall-Spring, Tuesday’s from preferred 5:30-7:00 p.m. 6:30-8:00 p.m. is available when necessary 2 of 4 two week sessions
Meet Requirements The Spoktakular meet in October, the Jingle Bell in December, Laura Wilkinson in April and one in the summer. $15 per day coaching fee plus entry fee is required for attending away meets.
Memberships AAU Only
Booster Club $200 annual fee
Dive Monthly Dues $160 per month
Gym Monthly Dues $60 per month
Tower N/A
Special Training Trips Available but not required.