Team Red

Bay Area Star Dive - Team Gold SwimmersThe purpose of Team Red is to train for the AAU Red White and Blue meet, AAU Nationals and USA Regional- National competition.  Participation in this 11 month commitment is limited and not for everyone.  Skill is important but more is the desire to demonstrate a long-term commitment to growth. Athletes are required to make every opportunity to achieve the National level standards. Consequences of not meeting standards are being moved to the other group and no refund on monthly dues and booster club contributions.

Age: 5-19 years old
School Year Summer
Pool Workout Requirements 4 times per week in the pool (M, W, Th, F and Saturday) through May. Pool times are 4-6 or 5-7 p.m. All workouts: Monday-Friday
Gymnastic or other requirement 1 day per week on Tuesday from 4:00-6:00 p.m.  or 5:00-7:00 from September through May for those 13 and older. 12 and under go 6:30-8:00 p.m. 3 of 4 one-week sessions
Meet requirements A minimum of 5 AAU/USA meets with efforts to qualify for AAU and USA nationals All parents are expected to contribute to the travel fund for coaches at away meets whether your child participates or not.
Memberships AAU and USA dive USA is recommended for those seeking d -1 university recognition.
Booster Club $225 annual fee
Dive Monthly Dues $180 per month
Gym Monthly Dues $70 per month
Tower U of H or A&M  The facility fee plus $10 for coaching.