Team Blue

The Team Blue program offers a minimum of 4 practices per month with the possibility of 6 (i.e. October vs November due to Thanksgiving) and has no gymnastic requirement. All age groups are welcome but is limited to two years of participation.

During the school year, there is a three-month commitment paid half when you start and the other half in October. The student has no meet requirements but must be a current AAU member. The student may enroll in our one-hour gym practices and can attend a meet if they choose. The diver is highly encouraged to be involved in other sport activities during this time.

Age: 6-16 years old
School Year Comments
Pool Workout Requirements 4 -6 practices per month. Wednesday and Saturday except for Summer months September- November
Gymnastic or other requirement No requirement $50 At USA Athletics 7:00-8:00 p.m.
Meet Requirements None but should consider the BASDT Halloween meet A $10 per day plus entry fee is required for attending away meets.
Memberships AAU Only
Booster Club $100 annual fee
Dive Monthly Dues $300 for 3 months in the school year  $90 per 2 weeks in summer