For over six years, BASDT has made Pearland’s Recreation Center its base and partnered with USA Athletics. This year we have made efforts to expand our services to the University of Houston, San Antonio’s Northside ISD pool and the Spring Branch ISD pool. Our goal this year is to expand services to a CCISD pool, improve are our new gym facility with even more training equipment and continue strengthen the quality of diving in our area.

Not everyone can join BASDT diving. I look at several factors to see who is a good fit. Strength, flexibility and coordination make good divers but I look for other things as well. How does the child behave with others? Do they show respect to adults and are willing to help if needed? Is there a commitment to improving and the dedication to meet those goals?

This year, BASDT tried to increase its visibility at other sites. That effort was not successful at this time. Currently, we operate at the Pearland Recreation Center and at the new USA Athletics.
In this packet is a description of each group. Families know their children best but the staff is knowledgeable about the sport’s challenges. The three groups are Red, White and Blue. My hope is to be firm and consistent with our team’s policies but empathetic to unique situations.

To help decide what is right for your child, let me share this. If your kid is interested in diving after high school, you should really consider the Red group. We reserve the right to not let all divers in. However, the earlier a kid commits to learning the skills the greater chances of success. The difference between a division 1 athlete and division 3 divers is great. For diver’s who wish to compete locally and in high school, the White is the best fit. Finally, the Blue group allows for divers to try multiple sports, has no commitment to compete and only meets 2 per week.

Meet calendars are not available now. A formal meet calendar is usually available by the end of October. There have been times where National meet locations were not available until 2 months out. Provided is last year’s calendar for those interested in the Red and White group.

Returning this year is Coach Alyssa, Chad, Todd and I. Coach Kelly will join us on some Saturdays.

Thank you for considering BASDT for your child. My hope is no matter what service you use, the feeling that your child was well prepared, had fun and was treated with respect is what matters most.