We wanted to give a BIG Thank You to every one who helped coach Samantha this HS Diving Season! She’ll be diving around 10 a.m. on Friday and 9:30 a.m. on Saturday. If you can’t be in Austin, you may be able to catch some of the competition live on the web on Saturday. Live diving scores should be available both days, and there’ll be a rebroadcast of highlights on Fox Sports Southwest several days in March.If you are going to be in Austin, please let us know. Mary and I will be there from Thursday evening through Saturday mid-day. Thanks for Everything!

– Steve and Mary

Hi Sven:

Just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I “toot your horn” for you all the time.  I think you are a superb coach and mentor for all children.  Your passion makes you a jewel for sure.  My children are blessed to have had instruction from you through the years.  I sincerely thank you for ALL you hard work and dedication – I know my kids have greatly benefited from your efforts.  I enjoy watching how far both have come with the sport.  I’ll keep you posted on Amber’s progress.

Lukas is a great son and I’m sure will be just as great as you one day!  He’s got a great role model for a Dad – that’s not easy to be.

Keep up the outstanding work – taking a moment for yourself every now and again to refuel that energy.  ☺  I’m all about pampering as I get older.

We will miss you very much.  Take care always and I will want an update on your life as well.  I hope Monika finds a good job soon too – the big O&G companies should be able to place her somewhere – she has great credentials.

Good luck with your Diving business and I hope it continues to flourish.

Angela F.

Our daughter did competitive gymnastics, but had to quit due to injuries. After calling BASDT, we were invited to join everyone for practice to try diving and see how she likes it, and it took no time for her to love it! The kids in the program were very welcoming and became instant friends, and Mr. Schultz made it a very easy transition for her. She can’t wait to start this new season!

– Nathalie Sweeney