• Bay Area Star Dive Team, inc. was started by Kuni and Sven Schultz after Sven moved here in 1984. The team’s official date was 1987 and offered year round practices in several area pools including many CCISD facilities, Houston Parks and Recreation and others. It would take a book to explain all of her diving accomplishments. Kuni was always the leader and inspired many athletes to dive in college. A video of her will always be found on this website. If you are looking for what the team’s core values are, please watch that video.

    Kuni is recognized in the Texas Swimming and Diving Hall of Fame located at the Lee and Joe Jamail Swim Center in Austin for her many contributions to Texas and USA diving.

    Sven competed nationally, internationally for the Dad’s Club and in college for the University of Houston.


  • In memory of Kuni Schultz. The BASDT founding leader and CCISD Volunteer of the Year.